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We've been around the block when it comes to this.



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We currently support TDAmeritrade and Tradier. We'll also have Interactive Brokers and TradeStation soon, with more brokers following shortly after. Don't see your brokerage on the list? Contact support to see if there are plans to integrate them. If not, reaching out to your broker and asking them to integrate with us would be greatly appreciated!

Yes. You can even have multiple accounts linked from the same brokerage. There are no limits on how many accounts you may link.

We use multiple sources to aggregate data, depending on what you're looking for.
Analyst Trading Alerts?
Pick your favorite Discord analyst and view their actionable trades!
Algorithmic Trading Alerts?
Pick your favorite TradingView script and send us your alert!
Live Options Flow?
Social.Trade partnered with North America's largest vendor of financial news and data to brokerages, Benzinga.

That's all the work you need to do to send a trade.
You will set up what equates to a trade template with more than 20 settings (if you choose to use them all).
Whenever a potential play arises, you're only two taps away. 

That's correct. Instead of seeing an analyst's play 15 minutes late, see it in real-time without needing to ping pong between different apps.
Bring it all together with Social.Trade.

Correct again. Algorithmic trading traditionally is not accessible to retail traders. We provide a practical and easily comprehendible way to do so.

Well yea, but we can't share them yet. 2021 was a foundational year for us. Now that we have the motions down, it's just a matter of time before we releasing more market-disrupting services.

Absolutely NOT! We use industry-standard OAuth to connect your account so you *never* input your brokerage account password into our platform, only the brokerage's.

We take security very seriously and leverage the abilities of Virtual Clouds to our advantage.
Our database is encrypted with Bank-Level Encryption (AES-256).
Social.Trade enforces TLS encryption for data-in-transit, TLS 1.2.
Any additional protocols required by brokerages are also used.

Yes. Simply turn Private Mode to on within TradeTracker.
We do not provide user data to third-party sources.

No. We wouldn't want that done to us, why would we do it to you?

Reach our to support through email or Discord.

Nothing. Only a little time spent talking to our support.

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